Submachine 8: The Plan


Release date
September 28th, 2012
Layers 1-7

Submachine 8: The Plan is the eighth installment of the Submachine Series. The title was revealed at the end of Submachine 7: The Core. Submachine 8 was released on September 28th, 2012.



The game starts out with the Player in the first layer on a platform. At the end of each platform are two lamps shooting out a green energy line. There is a ladder going down, but the Player must solve a puzzle to unlock and open the hatch. Once downstairs, the Player comes across a docking area with Elizabeth's escape pod. The Player picks up a device that allows him/her to transport to different layers of the surrounding area. Throughout the game the Player uses the device to obtain the goal of finding a way to The Temple, at which Submachine 9 will take place.

List of locations

The Dock

This is the place where the Player arrives after using the big karma portal at the end of Submachine 7. The top part consists of a wooden platform with two receiving antennas on the sides. The lower part acts as an anchoring point for a pod on the right, which can be accessed from another layer. Template:Clrl

Cardinal Church

This area appears to be part of an Arabic-looking palace or church, with walls covered by a pattern of symbols. On the rooftop of the building there is something like a stone igloo or dome, a sun illuminating an orange sky, and on the right a night sky with stars. Template:Clrl

The Cog Trees

This location consists of what seems to be some ruins made of red stone, on which some trees and bamboo shoots have grown. In these trees someone has built a complex system of golden gears and mechanisms, which use the tree logs as support. Template:Clrl

The Large Sewers

This zone consists of a set of cylindrical orange metallic sewers, arranged vertically and connected by pipes and stairs. Some of them are flooded with dirty water which the Player can drain to continue exploring. Template:Clrl

Water Pantheon

This is apparently an area dedicated to the worship of one or more gods, as there are stone statues dotted around the place, beside Aztec-looking pyramids. At the bottom, down some stairs, there is a pool of holy water. In the center is the gateway to the Temple. It is set under a purple sky with white mist. Template:Clrl

The Armory

This place is apparently some kind of bunker. In the upper room there is a gun with ammunition placed around it. At the bottom there are several instruments of warfare and some pipes. Template:Clrl

Bamboo Town

This area seems to be an archaeological site situated in a mountainous area, with paintings done on the white stone, and signs of an ancient civilization, which has now seemingly disappeared. Platforms were installed, made of wood or yellow metal, on which there are tools probably used to analyze the stone inscriptions. Template:Clrl


The author stated that all of his ideas for Submachine 7 didn't make it to the game and that some might end up in Submachine 8. Furthermore, the last secret in The Super Secret Bonus Area tells us that the plot will start to reveal itself much faster now and things will start making sense.

On 21st of December, 2010, Mateusz Skutnik stated that he already had a rough idea of Submachine 8 and its contents, even its storyline and puzzles.

He declared that he did not wish to receive questions like; "When is Sub8 coming up?!" in the near future. Every time someone asked, the release would be pushed forward by a week. Also, as he said jokingly, a bunny would die. On Facebook he stated that it would be allowed after 3/4 of the wait.

Originally - on August 8th - the author stated that Submachine 8 would be released during 2011, after measuring his time frame. However, he was later forced to reconsider this evaluation, but still worked to fulfill that goal. He mentioned that it was possible that the game might be released in early 2012 in January or early February.[1]

Finally, on December 3rd, the author stated that Submachine 8 would be released in either January or February 2012.[2] However, the game had been delayed and the release date became unknown. Soon after, the author said that he wanted to release it before June 2012. [3]

On February 14th, the author received music from Thumpmonks. He also said that he really liked it.[4]

One April 24th Mateusz Skutnik released a webpage on Facebook that showed the current development progress of Submachine 8. By September 26th, 2012 completion was at 99%. Accompanied with the link was a comment section for those wishing to post their thoughts over Facebook and a Submachine 8 ambient playing in the background. Dev page

In August 2012, a teaser screenshot was released that provided a clue to the surroundings to expect in the eighth installment. It was also interactive, allowing you to press a button and press a lever with a lock on it. The text under the image read "coming up in September" thus confirming the game would be released sometime in September 2012. Interactive teaser image

Additionally the main Pastel Stories website was updated to reveal updated menus for content. Among them was the Games slide that showed a motion image of what appeared to be an escape pod at a dock with blue lines in the background.

Mateusz Skutnik then posted on Facebook that the game would be released on Friday the 28th, around 1 PM UCT.

Here's the quote from the post:

"Ok, so here's the deal.
The game is ready. Please give me one day for final preparations (website, blog entry etc), and the game will be released on friday, 28th, around 8 AM ET (that's 2 PM CET).
We cool?"



  • This is the first Submachine in the main series that has a title that is not a place, like The Basement, The Lighthouse, or the Core. It is possible that "The Plan" refers to an architectural schematic "plan," but even this is not necessarily really a place.
  • This was also the first Submachine that was made availabe in HD.


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