Template:Infobox 高端机器7:核心高端机器系列的第七部。它在高端机器6:边缘的结尾被命名。它于2010年12月16日,星期四发布。

In 高端机器之宇宙 the name was further confirmed. It also told what will happen to at least one location in the future, if nothing is done. The game was described as slowly 'floating from another dimension of the mind'.



The game is in The Sanctuary but big machines have been built up and the great wall to the left has been destroyed. The Player soon sees a portal gateway to the Winter Palace, which was built by Sir Henry o'Toole, the maker of The Lighthouse. The garden of the palace strangely resembles the structure of the Subnet.

The player gets his first chance to use a Karma Portal, (We don't mean karma as in it will come back to you) however a note by Liz says that they shatter the fabric of the Subnet.

After using an escape pod to find the lab of Liz, the player finds out that she has been attacked by Murtaugh and fled. The only way to go now is via a big Karma Portal (that is green unlike the others which were blue) which leads to the Dock.

List of locations

The Sanctuary

Flourescent plants at The Sanctuary 291 Sub7

This location covered with grass and fluorescent plants and decorated with columns is where the player goes through the Portal the end of Submachine 6. Murtaugh and his army invaded the sanctuary and installed numerous devices and weapons, destroying the tranquility that reigned in it (it can be still seen relatively intact SNEE, at coordinates 291). Activating and loading the portal gate here allows access to the Winter Palace. Template:Clrl

The Winter Palace

This section of the core was designed by Henry O'Toole, the architect who also designed the Lighthouse, following orders from the King, to give people a quiet and hospitable place for men of science to perform their tasks. This is where Liz and Mur lived before he left the core, so we can see some of his karma portals from his training stage. Template:Clrl

The South Garden

This garden is composed of a set of plants, which, upon being a long time in contact with the darkness, have developed bioluminescence, being in this game the first time we find these manifestations of the Subnet's vegetation. It is divided into several areas. Template:Clrl

The Capsule

The capsule is not a proper area, but what appears to be a vehicle similar to the mover but that goes on rails, which allows access to Liz's Ship. The inside and outside of the capsule are coated with a metal which may be gold or bronze. Template:Clrl

Liz's Ship

It is a ship that belongs to Elizabeth and that seems to be used to navigate through the Core. It consists of a room at the top with a desk and several windows, and a set of copper-colored pipes that line the entire ship, along with blue lighting. Murtaugh has created here a green portal through which the player can follow him to the Dock. Template:Clrl

Super Secret Bonus Section

It's here where you can use the 5 secret tokens spread throughout the game. The area has four rooms, placed in a row. It looks like a section of the South Garden, given its architecture. The area consists of a gray brick road, which ends in a small fence. In the background there is a column of rock, and in the center of the room a piece of rock flying. There are also five viewers with screens in this area, where you place the tokens to see the secrets. Template:Clrl


First screenshots


The following are screenshots of Submachine 7 machinery. The author stated he greyed out the background because it would have been too "revealing". Also he said that the surroundings wouldn't be like the Submachine 6 rooms.

They were posted in Mateusz Skutnik's Facebook account on the third and fourth of November 2010. Mateusz stated that the machinery of the first picture "shines left" and that the switches are "not relevant".

The third picture was added on November 27th. Mateusz did not give any hints to what it may be other than saying he had drawn it that same day and decided to share it with everyone. In Pastel Forum the picture was thought to be poorly shaded, and many saw something in the black background.

The fourth picture was added on December 4th. Mateusz said it might have been an emission type machine of some sort via his Facebook. No other hints were given. In Pastel Forum the piece of machinery was quickly joked to be a cooking device for the Subnet, in fact Mateusz himself joked it to contain popcorn. Also, he stated that he would not release any more pictures due to the cooking device joke. However, this was only kept for 7 days.

The fifth picture was added on December 11th. It was the first full length screenshot of Submachine 7. Around this time Mateusz stated on Facebook that ,"the time is nearing" which could have meant that the release of Submachine 7 was very close.

The sixth picture was added on December 14th. It was the second full length screenshot of Submachine 7. Again Mateusz Skutnik stated that release was near with "the best is approaching"

The seventh picture was added December 15th. The caption written by Mateusz had been assumed to mean that the release was December 16th. The image is from the title screen of Submachine 7. It was thought to be an item or object we use throughout the game (this was later confirmed to be the device in the "Calling the Capsule" Puzzle).

The story grows out

On first of December 2010 Mateusz Skutnik announced that a mere fifty rooms would not be enough for this game, as he had promised himself and the fan base on earlier occasions.

When questioned he stated that he hasn't changed the old room limit, but the story just grew bigger than that. He has also stated that all of his plot ideas for the game can't possibly fit in and hinted that some of them will end up in Submachine 8 and Submachine Network Exploration Experience.




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