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The S1 mover you left the Corridor in Submachine 5 becomes intercepted by the Subnet Defense System under protocol 0-23-17. It transports you to an area in the Defense System structures. As per safety protocol, you must deposit all your items and enter a personal identification number (IDN). After entering an incorrect IDN, you are deposited into the outskirts of the Edge. There are no correct IDNs.

Via the outskirts, you are able to enter a series of tunnels, where you find several notes and a key card. You use this key card to lower an elevator, which is used to access Area 4 and Area 5. In Area 4, you must disable security which will allow you to retrieve a metal cube in Area 5.

You take this cube back to the tunnels, from which you access an ancient area named the Chronon. Using the areas time-manipulative devices, you retrieve a connection pod from the cube. This tool allows you to operate various systems in the Subnet Defense System and allows you to progress.

You then receive a message from Murtaugh, who requests that you disable the following protocols:

  • 2-18 - Secondary Defense System
  • 1-12 - Primary Defense System
  • 1-0 - Mainframe

After you venture around further and disable the remaining protocols, Mur messages you and informs you that his invasion of the Core will continue, but that your adventure is at an end. Because the mainframe is off, the section you are in loses power. You are able to exit through a vent tunnel and use the connection pod in a previously unseen Submachine portal to escape.


The Defense System rooms, neat and geometrically perfect, sharply contrast with the dirt and the abandonment of the Tunnels. The way to access the protocols is the most striking feature of the game.

The game contains important revelations of the plot of the series. One of the secrets of the game shows a map of the human infestation of the subnet, and it is discovered that the player wasn't the first one to be sent there. Another secret mentions Elizabeth. The secrets, along with the notes and the final words of Murtaugh bring up the question of whether you have been working for the right person. The submachine also displays several notes in binary which provide additional insight.

At the end of the game and it is not clear who is on whose side. It is obvious however that the computer sees the humans as a threat and some of the humans (including Murtaugh) are trying to invade it.




During the events from Submachine 6, the player is transported here in the mover which intercepts the one we exit the Root in. The overall look of the room is clean and bright. All rooms are made of polished metal, reflecting the objects seen in the room. In the last room, there is a screen to enter a personal identification number, but the player does not know any correct one.


The Chiffs.png

This area is where the player arrives after entering an incorrect identification number. This is a rock structure, open to the abyss in one side, where you can find an old rusty prototype of portal that hides a secret, a large shiny metal pipe, and the entrance to the Tunnels as well as another secret.


The Tunnels.png

From this intricate set of pipes you can access several rooms, some with secrets, and through many mechanisms you are able to, among other things, gain access to Chronon and go outside. Here stayed some people Murtaugh had sent before the protagonist.



Here you can see a large network of cables and mechanisms stiking in the background, which anticipate the structures of defense systems, but the ground is still made of rock. There is a lift to the upper rooms is activated with an access card. There is also a portal in this area, shown at the end of the game.



The Chronon is a place where time flows in a distorted manner, and using a time-machine mechanism here we can get the connection pod, by instant oxidation and reintegration of the metal box that contains it. It also opens access to a secret.



They consist of a number of rooms, of polished metal appearance, all equal and geometrically perfectly cubic, from where you can access the defense protocols and progress in the game. In turn they are divided into several areas, each one with a number. It is known that the total number of areas of the Edge has at least three digits, as shown in SNEE.



By introducing the connection pod into a terminal in the Edge, the player has at his disposal some of the the Submachine Network's Defense Systems, where they can browse and make modifications, mainly to disable defense protocols of Submachine and allow access to new areas.



In this location you find the defense turrets that monitor the subnet and the host computer that controls everything else. The player must go disabling, hacking and canceling programs and codes to be able to finally power it off.


  • The game Submachine 6 almost leaked from Arcade Town, but the leak was content, even if someone managed to draw a picture of the main menu.
  • Submachine 6 was one of the many games nominated for the Best of 2009 awards in the January 6, 2010. On January 20, Submachine 6 won the award for best adventure game of 2009.




大堂——悬崖——隧道——防御系统入口——时间室——4区——5区——8区——主机 ——炮塔链——防御系统
主系列 1:地下室ISubmachine) • 2:灯塔草稿) • 3:循环4:实验室5:根源6:边缘7:核心8:计划9:神殿10:出口
支系列 高端机器宇宙远古历险未来循环基础32间密室