Submachine: 32 Chambers


Release date
August 2nd, 2010
“As I remember, there was a note found in Submachine 4 mentioning 32 chambers filled with sand. Well, here they are in another short off-main-storyline installment of the Submachine series.”
Mateusz Skutnik about the game.

Submachine: 32 Chambers is the third side-story game and second Submachine game to be featured in the Jay is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Submachine: 32 Chambers was released on August 2nd, 2010. The game is a reference to a note found in Submachine 4: The Lab where an explorer was trapped in 32 chambers of sand.


According to Mateusz Skutnik he first came up with the idea when he saw the theme of the Jay is Games Competition. The theme for the competition is "sandbox", and he thought about the 32 Chambers mentioned in Submachine 4: The Lab, and in his words "it just clicked".

The game eventually won all three categories in the contest and as such gave Mateusz a total loot of 2000$. It gathered over nine hundred votes and the rating of 4.8/5.


This game seems to tell the some of the story of the the tomb exploration team, but one must remember that the game is "off-main-storyline".

At the start of the game, the player finds themselves in front of a rusting and broken Portal which cannot be used, as it breaks when the player enters coordinates and activates it. The player must progress through 32 rooms of sand, solving various puzzles with the help of items they find throughout the tunnels.

The final room is a large and incomplete Mesoamerican calendar. The player completes it with several items they have found in the tunnels. After the calendar is fixed, it disappears into an abyss, and two dates appear: "21/12/2012" changing to "21/12/7137". According to Skutnik, the player has stopped the predicted doomsdays on those dates.

List of locations

There is only one location in this game, namely:

32 Chambers

This area consists of thirty-two chambers half-buried in sand, made in the style of the ancient Central American cultures, showing illustrations and glyphs carved in stone, among other things. From the portal in the beginning, and the note from Submachine 4, it follows that the area must have three-number coordinates, but they are currently unknown (though in SNEE we can see two sublocations of this zone, they are karma portal locations).


Map of 32 Chambers


Mateusz Skutnik about the game.

“I believe that back in Submachine 4 there was a mention of 32 chambers filled with sand... Well, here they are. Explore.”
— The description in Casual Gameplay Design Competition.


  • There are many Mayan gods represented in the game
    • Ixtab, the goddess of suicide.
    • Chak Chel, the goddess of Midwifery and the orchestrator of the end of the world.
    • Ah Puch, the Mayan god of Death who rules the Underworld.
  • The game has 'bacab' plates in it. Bacabs are the four brothers who carry the world in Mayan mythology.
    • Bacabs are each symbolised by a different thing; a shell, web, armadillo and a turtle. This is as it was in the game.
  • The dates that the end of the game; 21st of December 2012 and 7137 are a reference to the phenomenon. The dates are the start of the thirteenth baktun and a date near its end.
  • There are really 33 chambers, counting the area where you climb up to get the winter plate (really part of the same "chamber").
  • Submachine 32 Chambers is possibly the only Submachine game in which The Player can become totally trapped with nowhere to go (not counting early versions of Sub1). After filling your bowl with sand, you will then move one screen to the left to empty it. Take your sand-filled bowl, and pour it into the rejection/denial statue's chalice (who reclines above the water and drink glyphs). IF you leave this area (moving West) IMMEDIATELY upon releasing/pouring your sand, (but NOT waiting for it to completely fill his chalice) the rope will not descend for you in the next area, to the left. Without the rope being descended, you will become trapped with no way up to the second half of the game.

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